Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Amiga 500 NTSC to Component Video Adapter

 I saw this RGBS/VGA to YPbPr adapter on ebay for around $30 and thought I'd try it out.  I already had a buffered VGA adapter (bought off ebay also) so I hooked it up with

Amiga --> buffered VGA --> RGBS to YPrPb --> component output --> TV

At first, I thought it didn't work because the first TV I tried didn't support the component signals.  I got a black screen.

But I kept trying different TVs and about half of them would work, and when it worked, the output was absolutely beautiful.  The TV deinterlacing was often perfect so you could use interlaced modes without any jitter.


So I would recommend to keep trying different TVs until you find one that looks good.  It's really a crapshoot, you never know if it will work unless you try it.


Another thing is that some TVs can work with plugging the Y component output into the composite video in.  You will get a picture, but it will be black and white with color fringing, so if you also turn down the color, it should be all grey shades. 

Also take note that the Green (Y) output is in between the red and the blue on the converter.  Most TVs have it in YPbPr order (green blue red) so you'll have to make sure it's plugged in correctly.


edit: A warning about the SCART input on the converter.  I bought an Amiga to SCART cable and connected it to the converter and it seems to have killed it.  

It illuminated the power led brighter than normal when I plugged it in.  I didn't get an image out with the SCART and now I don't get any component video out while using the VGA input.

So be careful if you use the SCART input on this converter.  I'm going to buy another unit to replace it and use it exclusively with the VGA input.

Some TVs will output a purple screen:

An insignia TV looked really dark and blurry.

Sansui SLED2900 was perfect:

(similar performance with the Sansui SLED2280a)

A Vizio D40F-G9 was perfect:

A Vizio M320SL was perfect:

An RCA 22LB45RQ was very very nice:


A Vizio D24F-f1 that has a component input via a 3.5mm plug:

A Toshiba 40L310U that looks great in non interlace, but interlace modes are jittery and choose the wrong line which makes text unreadable:

Gateway FPD2185W component input looks good:

The same Gateway FPD2185W on the VGA input does something strange with the colors:

A Dell 2408WFP on the component input (Amiga 500 VGA input was unsupported)

A Dell 2407WFP has very similar performance as the 2408WFP on the component input.

Magnavox 32" TV (youtube video)

Also the Sony KDL-32EX400 looks great on component input.

A Samsung UN46ES6150 looks good on component input with non-interlace.  Interlace jitters about 2x-4x more than normal as it is very unstable vertically.  Interestingly, if I connect the composite to the AV input, the UN46ES6150 will do proper deinterlacing, completely solid.

Viewsonic VT2300LED looks great, both 640x200 and 640x400 interlace are nice, screen blanks for a second while switching from non-interlace to interlace but other than that, perfect.

Also, you can take the YPbPr output and use a CELabs AV901COMP or AV901HD splitter/distribution amplifier to send the YPbPr component and audio output to multiple (9) televisions simultaneously.  I've tried this with an AV901COMP and Amiga 500 NTSC signals and it looks pretty good.

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