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Amiga 500 NTSC VGA 15khz monitor list


My personal list (Golden Child's List) of monitors that will sync to Amiga 500 NTSC 15khz signals with a buffered VGA adapter (purchased from ebay): 
If it says clock=100 that means that the pixel clock can't be adjusted beyond 100 to get rid of vertical banding. (in other words, even when at the clock maximum value of 100, the pixel width isn't uniform all the way across the screen)  Sadly, many monitors get really really close to removing all the banding, leaving just a few large bands.

With some monitors you must do an auto adjust before you try to adjust the pixel clock as it seems to affect the range of how much you can manually adjust.
  1. Acer B226WL
  2. Acer B227Q bmiprx (slightly blurry image unenhanced, the only sharpness adjustment is super-sharpness on/off, with super-sharpness on image is acceptable but still a little soft)
  3. Acer B246HL
  4. Acer R240HY
  5. Acer S220HQL
  6. Acer SB220Q bi (tested with 15khz tester only) 
  7. Acer SB230 Bbix (tested with 15khz tester only)
  8. Acer G215HV Bbd (made 9/2012)
  9. Acer G226HQL (panel has narrow viewing angle)
  10. Acer G235H
  11. Acer G245HQ Abd (tested with 15khz tester, auto adjust puts screen up halfway, can be adjusted with controls)
  12. Acer G246HL Abd
  13. Acer G276HL
  14. Acer H226HQL bid (tested with 15khz tester)
  15. Acer H276HL
  16. Acer H233H bmid (from 2010, adjusting horizontal clock or activating auto adjust will make image unstable (horizontal jittering) until you either powercycle or cycle the monitor input from VGA to HDMI and back to VGA)
  17. Acer K202HQL Abi (2020) (works with 15khz tester)
  18. Acer K222HQL bd (2015) (works with 15khz tester) 
  19. Acer K243Y Hbi (Mar 2023) (works with 15khz tester)
  20. Acer KA240H bd (2018) (works with 15khz tester)
  21. Acer KA242Y Ebi (works with 15khz tester)
  22. Acer KA272 bi (2020) (works with 15khz tester) 
  23. Acer V195WL bd (2014) (works with 15khz tester)
  24. Acer V196HQL Ab (panel has narrow viewing angle)
  25. Acer V196WL b  (hpos=22,vpos=64,clock=94 perfect)
  26. Acer V196L b (tested with 15khz tester) (5:4 aspect ratio screen)
  27. Acer V203H Cjbd
  28. Acer V206HQL (tested with 15khz tester)
  29. Acer V226WL (tested with 15khz tester)
  30. Acer VG240Y bmiix
  31. Acer X203H bd (May 2009) auto adjust leaves screen halfway up, can adjust vpos to correct position)
  32. Acer (Gateway KX2303, manufactured by Acer but branded Gateway, clk=100)
  33. Asus VA24D (clk=100, sharp=100)
  34. Asus VA24EHE Eye Care (clk=100, sharp=100)
  35. Asus VE208N (clk=96 phase=36 pos=13h/53v)
  36. Asus VE228
  37. Asus VE248H (2017)
  38. Asus VE248Q (works with 15khz tester)
  39. Asus VG245H (works with 15khz tester)
  40. Asus VH238H (mine made in Jan 2011) (clk=93 phase=90 pos=13h/53v) (warning: I have also found some Asus VH238H-P that does not work with a 15khz tester, so maybe not all Asus VH238 work.)
  41. Asus VS248P (Asus VS248H-P) (scenery mode, sharpness=80, hpos=16, vpos=56, phase=84, clock=90, perfect image, ASCR off, with ASCR on the red sector intro on great giana sisters causes backlight to go out) (I have two units, Sep 2013 and June 2020)
  42. Asus VS278Q (clock=93, phase=50, pos=12h/63v)
  43. Asus VW246H (tested with 15khz tester only)
  44. Asus PA249Q ProArt (april 2013) (clock=92 for no banding) (Aspect is either full screen or 720x240 miniature 1:1 pixel)
  45. Benq RL2460-B / RL2460HT (works with 15khz tester)
  46. Benq RL2755-B (OSD info says RL2755T) (clock=94, phase=40 for no banding.  Has many, many options for aspect ratio and screen sizing from 1:1 720x240 pixels, 4:3 17" + 19", 5:4 19", 16:10 19" + 22", 16:9 23" + 24" )
  47. Benq GL2450-B/RL2455HM (clock=93)
  48. Dell 2001FP (tested with 15khz tester) (does not remember horizontal position, gets shifted to right and must use OSD controls every time monitor is turned on or signal changes/computer reboot, this can get annoying quickly.  Changing input makes VGA colors funny, have to power cycle to reset. Interestingly, if I switch to an active DVI signal, then switch back to VGA the VGA colors will look right.)
  49. Dell E170Sb (manufactured March 2012, 4:3 monitor, clk=92, phase=72, perfect)(REV A01)  (found a REV A00 E170Sb that doesn't work)
  50. Dell E2010H (wants to auto adjust on power on)
  51. Dell P2210
  52. Dell ST2210b
  53. Dell ST2220Lc (tested with 15khz tester) (manufactured July 2012) 
  54. Dell ST2321Lf (tested with 15khz tester) (Feb 2011)
  55. Dell ST2410b (wants to auto adjust upon Amiga boot/reset)
  56. Dell ST2420Lb (tested with 15khz tester)
  57. Dell ST2421Lb
  58. Dell P2310
  59. Dell U2410 (auto adjust works well, manually changing the phase/clock will make the screen will go wonky, cycle inputs to return to normal, zoom to 15 will fill the screen)
  60. Dell U2311b (tested with 15khz tester)
  61. Dell U2711 (tested with 15khz tester, but does not work right with real Amiga signal, non interlace 640x200 looks dark and unusable (some kind of automatic gain issue), oddly 640x400 interlace looks fine.  To see anything in 640x200 you can set the color to YPbPr but colors are all wrong.  Component also hates non-interlace.  Interlace is properly deinterlaced on VGA, component and composite, but VGA deinterlace has a soft appearance).  Dell U3011 has similar behavior, non interlace unusable, interlace is ok.
  62. Dell U2212HMc (93 for pixel clock, 10 for hpos, 80 for vpos is perfect)
  63. Dell U2312HM
  64. Dell E2213Hb (note that the E2213c does not work with 15khz signals but the E2213Hb does work with 15khz signals)
  65. Dell E2214Hb
  66. Dell E2314Hf (tested with 15khz tester)
  67. Dell P2214H
  68. Dell P2314H
  69. Dell E2414H
  70. Dell P2414H
  71. Dell E2015HVf (clock=100 can be auto adjusted with cvt 1080 246 61 and then switched to Amiga 500 clock=90)
  72. Dell E2215HV (clock=100 max, can't get completely rid of banding, can adjust wide/4:3/5:4)
  73. Dell SE2216HV (made July 2018) (tested with 15khz tester)
  74. Dell SE2717H (clock=100)
  75. Dell P2217
  76. Dell P2018H (clock=100)
  77. Dell S2316Mc (tested with 15khz tester)  12V 3.33a
  78. Dell S2318Nc label also says (S2318HN/NX) (tested with 15khz tester)
  79. Dell P2219H (clock=100)
  80. Dell P2419H (tested with 15khz tester)
  81. Dell P2222H (clock=100)
  82. Dell 1220 Projector
  83. Dell 2300MP Projector (tested with 15khz tester)
  84. Epson EX3220 Projector
  85. Epson VS340 Projector
  86. Epson MovieMate 30s Projector (852x480 native)
  87. Hitachi CP-WX4021N Projector
  88. Hitachi CP-X251 Projector (tested with 15khz tester)
  89. HP Elitedisplay E231i  (this is the one with the IPS panel, the EliteDisplay E231 doesn't work)
  90. HP 27wm (clk=100, pos=13/53 image a little soft, no sharpening options)
  91. Infocus IN2114 Projector (A500 NTSC VGA non interlace looks good, interlace will sometimes do wrong line deinterlacing - if you keep hitting the auto adjust button a few times it will eventually lock in properly and interlace will look good)
  92. Infocus IN24+ W240 Projector (tested with 15khz tester)
  93. Infocus ScreenPlay 4805 Projector (works with non interlace on M1-DA interface with VGA/USB cable, but interlace is scrambled and unusable)
  94. Ingram Micro V7 2165M  L21500WDS-9N (made Apr 2016)
  95. Lenovo T2224pD (tested with 15khz tester only)
  96. Lenovo T2254pC (tested with 15khz tester only) (made 2016)
  97. Lenovo LT1913pA (5:4 IPS screen) (made 2015)
  98. Lenovo LT1952pwD (tested with 15khz tester only)
  99. Lenovo LT2252p wide (switching from interlace to non interlace can cause screen to go blank, either reset Amiga or use Dpaint 3 to change resolution to bring it back, recommend non interlace only)
  100. Lenovo LT2323p wide (tested with 15khz tester only)
  101. NEC LCD225WXM (july 2007) (tested with 15khz tester)
  102. NEC Multisync E222W (tested with 15khz tester)
  103. NEC Multisync EA241WM (detects a500 NTSC as 640x200 (completely fills screen to edges) when in non-interlace and displays as 720x480 when in 640x400 interlace (displays inset from edges)) Since image completely fills screen, can get annoying to reposition screen when it diverges from the "normal" position.
  104. NEC Multisync EA261WM (640x200 fills screen like EA241WM, virtually identical behavior to EA241WM but 26 inches across, very heavy 27 lbs)
  105. NEC MultiSync EA273WM (tested with 15khz tester, works with Amiga signals.  To get rid of banding the image will fill the screen horiz from edge to edge, and letterboxed.)
  106. NEC VT570 Projector
  107. Optoma EP749 Projector (640x400 interlace displays purple, non interlace is fine)
  108. Planar PLL2010W (tested with 15khz tester, positioning/size is on the left half of the screen but it will show a signal)
  109. Planar PLL2210W (hsize=76, finetune=100 for no banding pos=13/63, interlace is normal size, however switching from 640x200 to interlace makes the monitor say "out of range", power cycling with the power switch will then display an interlace screen)
  110. Planar PLL2410W (non interlace mode ok, interlace modes are double width so right half is off screen)
  111. Philips 17PF8946/37 17" LCD TV
  112. Sceptre E248W-19208DA8524AA (there are many similar E248W model numbers that don't work so be advised. This unit has a standard AC power plug, not requiring an AC adapter.)
  113. Sceptre E275W
  114. Seiki SE22HY01 Television
  115. STG BNLCD001 22" Monitor Panel (2022/11/23)
  116. Viewsonic VA2246mh-LED (note that this is a different model than the VA2246m-LED which doesn't work)
  117. Viewsonic VA2259-smh
  118. Viewsonic VA2359-SMH (2019) (tested with 15khz tester only)
  119. Viewsonic VA2452SM-2 (2020) (tested with 15khz tester only)
  120. Viewsonic VA2446MH-LED (tested with 15khz tester only)
  121. Viewsonic VA2703-LED (auto adjust puts vertical screen position halfway up, but position/size can be manually adjusted) 
  122. Viewsonic VA2746mh-LED (tested with 15khz tester only)
  123. Viewsonic VG2239m-LED (auto adjust puts vertical screen position halfway up, but position/size can be manually adjusted)
  124. Viewsonic VG2748
  125. Viewsonic VG2753
  126. Viewsonic VX2252MH  (2014-7-12) (perfect with hpos=17 vpos=57 hsize=94 finetune=75 sharpness=100 almost identical settings to VX2452MH)
  127. Viewsonic VX2452MH (2020-06) (perfect with hpos=13 vpos=58 hsize=94 finetune=50 sharpness=100)
  128. Zalman Trimon MZ240ED (when switching from interlace to non-interlace this monitor has issues. With Great Giana Sisters after the interlaced Giana Picture, monitor goes blank and doesn't come back until rebooting the Amiga.)  (Use only with non-interlace if possible).
One thing I've noticed is that a lot of the monitors do "wrong line" interlace display on Amiga signals. Typical interlace will either jitter or will blur lines together. The Seiki SE22HY01 Television does proper deinterlacing that looks good. Also the Dell U2410 will do a proper job with interlace.
It appears that many dell monitors have a SSYY pattern where SS is the diagonal size and YY is the year, and the years 2010 and 2014 were very good years as 2010 had the U2410, P2210, P2310, ST2210b and 2014 had the E2214, P2214, P2314, E2414, P2414.
My favorite 4 brands are Acer, Asus, Dell and Viewsonic because those are the brands that I have found that have the monitors most likely to show 15khz signals. The Dells often can adjust the aspect from 4:3 to wide. Also I like monitors that will do sharpening on the image, especially on larger monitors.
Benq doesn't have as many monitors on my list, but they are nice in that they have very flexible options for aspect ratio as well as sharpening.
After purchasing and finding many monitors that don't work, a 15khz tester from pcbjunkiedotnet ( has helped find monitors that will actually work with a 15khz signal. Search google for "15khz tester" or ebay for "vga monitor tester".

And also, your mileage may vary. Many monitors have variations: they could have different hardware revisions, could have different firmware and could have different manufacturing factories.

why is the bottom truncated?

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